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2 years ago

How do I make money with It Works!?

It Works! pays industry-leading commissions on each and every sale that you make (in other words, a very generous amount of money!). There are a variety of specially designed programs and incentives available for distributors, in which you have the ability to earn more for showing dedication and initiative. Read on to find out more…

Follow the Steps to Success, in order to hit hit Ruby Level in 2 calendar months. By doing this, you will receive a $500 bonus on top of your commissions! This opportunity is huge for you and your team – but hurry: it ends July 31st! Sign up today to become a Distributor, and let me help you take your business to a new level!

Cash Sales – Cash Sales are loved by the It Works! Team. It Works! issues commission cheques monthly, however we always have the opportunity to make a bit of extra money whenever we sell a wrap. We buy our wraps for the same price as our Loyal Customer price, which is £55 for a box of 4 wraps, and we can sell a single wrap for £25 each. With Applicator Rewards, we are able to buy wraps for even cheaper, which means we make more profit!

Loyal Customer Sales – On Loyal Customer Sales, we make 15%. By the terms of this program, a customer must stay on auto-ship for AT LEAST 3 Months to qualify for the full benefits of our products. What do you get out of this? Residual income! Once you sign up a loyal customer, you’re guaranteed their custom for at least 3 months, which means you earn from them. Typically, our team’s loyal customers tend to stay on the program for 7 to 8 months! PLUS, for every 2 loyal customers you sign up, you’ll receive your Applicator Reward.

Retail Sales: It is more often the case than not that you won’t have many retail sales. Our customers favour the Loyal Customer program as it offers noticeable savings. In the case that someone does order retail from you, you will earn the difference between the retail price and the loyal customer price. If this is where you’d want to place your focus as a distributor, we offer a variety of strategies in place to help enhance your retail sales.

Distributor Sales: The percentage you earn on a commission pay out is completely dependent on your distributor level. The higher the level you are, the deeper the pay out you receive.

Fast Start Bonus: You will receive a $99 FSB for every qualified distributor that you sign up. A qualified distributor means that they have signed up two loyal customers within 30 days of joining your team. This is why distributors need consistent attention and support, as you will not want to miss out on those $99 bonus! These bonuses are also paid out weekly instead of monthly, which is a fantastic perk that highlights just how quickly it is possible to earn through It Works!

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2 years ago

Now, let me guess…

I know what you’re thinking. You’re seeking reviews on the It Works! body wraps, and you’re wondering the exact same thing when I first saw them shown on TV, right here in the UK… do they really work?

Quite simply, a huge YES!

As you can clearly see on the website, there are hundreds of “before and after” pictures of a half naked woman. That woman is me, and I’m so proud of my result that I want the world to know how they can achieve them too! I’m consistently finding myself blown away at the speed and the results I can achieve from an It Works! body wrap. My body seems much slimmer and toner in just a matter of hours! And it’s not just me; I get emails from happy customers every day, sharing their stories and pictures, never failing to surprise me, even having experienced them myself!

The It Works! wrap gets to work in as little as 45 minutes, tightening and toning any area of your body. Many would say that it’s the closest thing you’re going to find to a surgical miracle, without all of the expenses, pain, and stress that comes along with them. Many of my customers have found the wraps to be quite soothing and relaxing!

Over years I’ve tried countless products, which all promised the same results, but nothing quite compared to the entire It Works! experience, let alone the body wraps. I was amazed, and I’ve never had to look back. If you’re seeking help toning down or firming up, or tightening a stubborn bicep, love handle, or cottage cheese thigh which no diet or exercise seems to be helping, the It Works! body wraps should be your go-to remedy!

So, What Is the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator, and How Does it Actually Work?

The It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth infused with all-natural, botanically based ingredients. Non-woven cloth is smooth, soft, and less abrasive than ordinary cloth, so it won’t chafe against your skin. You place the cloth on the desired target areas of your body to tighten, tone, and firm up your personal appearance through providing nutrients to your skin that our modern-day diet, high in processed foods and artificial sugars, often leaves your skin lacking; in addition, by allowing time-released absorption directly into your skin, a much higher proportion of the all-natural ingredients actually get to where they need to go than what would be the case if they were simply consumed as food (the human digestive process is remarkably inefficient; much of what you take in of any value ultimately goes right back out again). Find out more about our ingredients on our website: